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Jamestown, New York 14701

Phone: (716) 665-8889

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About Us

Hello, my name is Roger Whisner. I started in the Car Business 35 years ago. I've ran the biggest dealerships in the area. In May of this year, I was told I was too old for this business, and to let the younger guys do it. Well, my momma taught me about working hard and 5 years as a United States Marine taught me about leadership. I know about work ethic and who pays the bills. It's you, my customers. I believe when you sell someone a car, it should be a vehicle that you wouldn't have a problem with any family member driving. I sell reliable vehicles at prices that the big dealers can't compete with. We get you financing with local banks and Credit Unions to save you money, instead of going into the back room of a dealership and paying way too much. You deal with me personally instead of the back and forth games at big dealers. 

To make it simple, I offer reliable, affordable vehicles with low overhead to save you big bucks! 

Thank you for considering CAR-WHIZ Motors